Explore your vision

We have designed Dark Matters to be a creative garden – a place where you can bring your earliest scripts and ideas, nurture them and watch them grow. During our previsualization phase, we help you build sequences and fine-tune them to match the director`s vision perfectly before you shoot. Here everything is possible and can be explored. You can visualize complicated action sequences, dangerous stunts, VFX packed moments, elaborated camera work or choreography all in 3D – Previs can be used on any sequence.


Make the impossible, possible

Giving you peace of mind that the artistic vision can become a reality. We work closely with all the departments of the film production to provide complete technical visualization and solutions. Technical diagrams and videos, visualization of the film gear that will be used, green screen or LED wall placement, scene and studio layout. All technical possibilities are tested to make impossible visions real.


Bring your ideas to life

Our creative team will be your key partner to spotlight your vision. Our Pitchvis service helps you get the green light by showcasing your idea, concept or script by bringing it to life with a short custom-made 3-4 minute animated trailer or sequence.

There`s no challenge too big

Our team of artists have impressive backgrounds in film, animation and video games, they have a huge diversity of experience, combined with outstanding staging and cinematography skills.

Contact us today

We can offer as much or as little help, advice and technical assistance as you need to bring your vision to life. Supporting you with real-time video game cinematics, high-quality creative layout for animation, VR and came prototyping and interactive event visualization are just some of the ways we can help.

There`s no challenge that`s too big – let`s talk about all the ways we can help you with your vision.

Bring storytelling back into the hands of filmmakers. Offer them the entire spectrum between live-action and digital production.Florian Sauvage, Visualization Supervisor