Motion Capture.

Create world-class visual effects

Our comprehensive end-to-end solutions help you overcome the most complex and visually stunning production challenges. Create cutting-edge film visual effects, videogame gameplay and cinematics, high concept ads and clips, animated series and 3D animated film (100% motion capture).

High-end Solution

We designed our Motion Capture studio to be the ultimate high-end performance capture solution. Fully compatible to provide both offline and real-time solutions to enable fast delivery process, so you can make data processing a thing of the past. We provide optimal rendering and are both Shogun specialists and Vicon partners.

Our Dedicated Motion Capture Studio

Our Motion Capture studio incorporates 60 cutting edge Vicon cameras for high-end performance capture and can capture up to eight people simultaneously in a covered 18 x 18m area.

Take a virtual look
Dark Matters’ approach is a game changer in filmmaking and, quite simply, the future of the VFX industry. It puts genuine real-time at the heart of the creative process; offering storytellers the best of what live-action and digital techniques have to offer.Isaac Partouche, VP Virtual Production